75 years of Sennheiser: Review of a success story made in Germany

The German audio manufacturer celebrates its anniversary and offers insights Audio manufacturer Sennheiser is celebrating its 75th anniversary this month. We look back on a German success story.

The renowned audio manufacturer Sennheiser was founded in June 1945. Even though the anniversary year is going differently than planned due to the Corona pandemic, the audio specialist is telling the stories of his crew.

A total of 75 stories bring the Sennheiser world and the history of the company to life: they tell personal anecdotes behind the innovations, unique sound experiences and they give an insight into the history of the company founder.

Sennheiser: The future of the audio world for 75 years

75 years ago, Prof. Dr. Fritz Sennheiser founded the “start-up” that would one day become Sennheiser in a farmhouse near Hanover. To this day, the passion for sound and the joy of innovation continue to drive the company he created back then.

Through post-war reconstruction, Fritz Sennheiser went from university lecturer to entrepreneur and founded the small company “Laboratorium Wennebostel” – or “Labor W” for short.

There he manufactured audio products that helped rebuild the destroyed infrastructure and facilitated communication. After initially producing vacuum tube voltmeters and other measuring instruments, the company received its first order to manufacture microphones in the summer of 1945.

The rest is history: Fritz Sennheiser’s company developed numerous other audio products and eventually became the globally successful brand that still bears his name today. Microphones and headphones from Sennheiser are standard equipment in every studio, and with the HD25, Sennheiser has developed the de facto standard for DJ headphones.

This is Your Crew

Although the anniversary cannot be celebrated as planned this year, Sennheiser shares many magical moments and stories on his website under the motto “This is Your Crew”: A total of 75 stories provide an insight into the world of the company.

For example about the best headphones ever, which appeared in 1991 under the name Orpheus.

The multimedia collection of anecdotes from employees, customers, friends and fans illustrates what makes Sennheiser so special. In one of the stories, for example, the company historian tells how she found the oldest document in the Sennheiser archive: the British Military Government’s release document – an important foundation stone for the company’s origins.

At the beginning of the Corona pandemic, Sennheiser employees from all over the world also supplemented the stories with personal pictures and messages from their home office.

What unites this crew: a love of music. To make sure that the music doesn’t fall silent during Corona times, Sennheiser has created the live streaming concert series #DontStopTheMusic. Live concerts by international artists are regularly held on the Sennheiser Facebook account – so you don’t have to miss out on live concerts during Corona times and you can get the musicians right into your living room.

And if you want to use your time at home to expand your specialist knowledge, the #DontStopTheEducation initiative is the right place for you. Webinars and round tables cover a wide range of topics that are of particular interest to customers from the music and AV industry, film and video production teams and the education and corporate sector. An overview of the free online trainings and round tables as well as the corresponding registration option can be found here.

We congratulate the company on its success story. To the next 75!